4 Secrets Tips To Become A Programmer/Developer

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4 secrets to become a programmer or developer

4 Secrets Tips To Become A Programmer/Developer

Showing backend coding with recycled cartoon artwork by Jii Saaduddin

Showing backend coding with recycled cartoon #inspired_spiderman artwork (Jii Saaduddin)

Nowadays, we all arrive at a new generation to a programmer. You know it won’t be easy and you’ll have to work hard. You’re prepared to spend a lot of time at your keyboard with the goal of being able to create something to impress. But what are some aspects of learning to code that you might not expect? After years of working and programming, there are a few “secrets” that we’d like to tell you. There are 4 secrets that we discover every aspiring programmer/developer should keep in mind when they begin coding – Jii Saaduddin.

4 Secrets To Become A Programmer Easily!

  1. Self-Discipline

Start as a Newbie to learn to code, but you also need to get used to being a humble learner as you move forward with your loved job. Digital Technology is constantly evolving, which is what makes the industry so fascinating to be a part of. Programming languages will update, new ones will be released, what you can achieve with code will expand infinitely. But all of this happens at a fast blade, and to be competitive in the IT industry, you need to stay “Where you’re strong” ahead. The tool to do that is to constantly set yourself learning goals and keep researching and developing your coding skills.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

  1. Breaking the Limits (CodeMasters does..)

As a programmer and developer, you’ll create awesome, but you’ll also jump to another dimension. There will be plenty of times when everything will be running fine and then suddenly there’s an FATAL ERROR in your code lines. When that happens, Relax! Turn on your favorite music e.g.: Guns N’ Roses because this is the one I love during coding. Then REST assured errors happen to developers at every stage of experience, even the experts. Instead, you’ll need to learn to close the problem-solving of coding. Welcoming your self to the challenge and embrace the successful feeling when you finished inspect your code. Every time you overcome one of these situations, you’ll learn something new and grow your knowledge you didn’t notice.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

  1. Do not be “Selfish”

Self-learning, it’s sometimes feel like you’re learning experience is isolated, especially when you’re new to coding and struggling with the warm environments fraud syndrome. From the start, it’s important to know that the programming/development community stretches the world and is overflowing with support for one another. With so many others learning alongside you and talented individuals out there willing to help and share, it’s important to embrace the opportunities to connect with people. Whether it’s in online groups like the I Am IT Developer, or local in-person, make time to talk to other developers, ask questions or for help, and build your network. Then, when you’re the expert, pay-it-back by helping the next wave of aspiring developers (there’s also a lot that can be helping others.) See MandarinCMS to build a quick website with less coding and ready structured.

“A good teacher is a determined person.”
. – Gilber Highet

4. Dream Big or someday (I will be like Jack Maa, Mark Zuckerberg, Stev Jobs or the other founder of big IT industry in the world.)

As you make your way down your learning process, some parts will be easier than others. There will be times when you’re frustrated, and honestly, you’ll just want to leave to be as code master. When you feel that way, Try watch cute babies on youtube or prank, funny movies so on..to help get you back on track. If you stick with it and make coding a part of your daily life before you know it those frustrations will be much more manageable to overcome. Dedication to your learning will also help you progress towards your career aspirations faster and once you’re officially calling yourself a developer, you’ll agree it was well worth all the effort. And You are not scared wherever you in the world to live easy life.

“I’ve developed a self-discipline since the time I was a beginner.”
– Jii Saaduddin

Those are just a few of the aspects of coding we think are important to share, but we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share this blog to your friends. 


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