Facebook app video spam malicious attack

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Facebook app video spam malicious attack

According to Jii Saaduddin – The Messenger App and the Facebook virus is a term used by users and security experts to describe a technique seeking to hijack the targeted Facebook account and send malicious links on behalf of the account’s user.

Attachment spam is generated on a particular schedule (once or twice a day) and distributed to all of the victim’s friends automatically. The malicious virus mostly works as a Trojan horse or cryptominer and belongs to the wide group of the Facebook virus. The virus has been active since 2013 and updated several times since then because of the increased activity.

The operation principle: the infected Facebook Message delivers a shortened link, e.g. video.bz or video_12345.bz, and an intriguing phrase, e.g. is that you?, including the name of the recipient and a couple of emojis. The embedded link seems to be leading to a YouTube or video link. Once clicked, the malicious URL redirects to a phishing website filled with installers of the dangerous browser extension, fake Flash Player Updates, and similar content.

Main features you must know about Facebook Messenger virus.

The latest Facebook Messenger virus contains the following details:

  • a profile picture
  • the name of the recipient
  • external website links
  • stickers or emoji


Jii Saaduddin said: Another important Facebook Messenger prevent virus is to reset phone and change your password after. If hackers took over your account, they might get credentials to email, bank, and other accounts. Thus, in order to protect your privacy, you should set a strong password. Keep in mind that good password:

  • is at least 12 characters long;
  • has numbers;
  • has the capital and lower-case letters;
  • has symbols (if allowed);
  • does not have your name, surname and other personal information included;
    is not a dictionary word.

Example: iLoveYou9999%


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