Combine Facebook and Youtube, you’ll get money online!

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Combine Facebook and Youtube, you’ll get money online!

Facebook serves as a market advertiser while Google serve as a sponsor or an employer. When you combined them, you could have in and out money that everybody needs. Social media users earning reputation spending their money to gain engagement to communities using Facebook but Google pays users.

Bloggers had different ideas influencing million users worldwide, which local sales marketers sometimes negotiate a blogger for a paid advertisement. The advancement of technology had helped many people lying on the ground thinking about money for tomorrow. Do not be hopeless, just stand up and get a laptop and smartphone to make a dream.

Getting Started?

You must ask yourself what skills and capabilities you had. If you have guts and had a “sense of humor” like a creative comedy that relates million or billion peoples, then that is a business! So let’s begin from Google.

Create Google Account

You should have Google account that manages your e-mail, Adsense, Adwords and Youtube. You’ll just have to input your name, username, and password. You may face adding phone number when you logon to your Google account. Google then will ask you to verify your account with your phone.

Youtube monetize

After you have confirmed your Google account, browse to then write true details about you or your campaign so that every user knows your personality. On Youtube, though there is a qualification to start your business with Youtube, you are still able to request sponsorship by following the instructions below (direct link

  • Scroll down the sidebar menu located on the left of your screen.
    Click “Settings”
  • Stay on the “Account” tab. Find “View additional features” link then click it.
  • You will notice the “Monetization” is “Not Enabled” or “Eligible,” make it enable.
  • Youtube asks you, “Read and agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms,” click START.
  • Check all the checkboxes to comply with Google’s terms and conditions.
  • Click “Start” for “SignUp for Adsense” then you will be redirected to Google Adsense.
  • Click Next
  • Here’s now the AdSense terms. Check the box “Yes, I’ve read and accept the agreement”
  • Fill up the form for your details. Form must include name, address, and phone number.
  • Click “Submit”
  • You will be redirected back to Youtube Monetization. Proceed now to preferences set by clicking the start button.
  • On the video ads spaces, click “save” button after checking all the checkboxes.
  • Now wait for 4,000 views and 1,000 subscribers within the previous 12 months.

Take note, the 12 months is moving from the past to present date. You’re views and subscribers may have subtracted from the present earned when its date of engagement has been outdated. For instance, the one year and 2 days views and subscription cannot be counted. Therefore, when you gained 5,000 views from the last 1 and half year, it all vanished.

Gadget definitions as maybe required

Laptop (Optional) – You can use laptop to edit your video for enhancement.
Smartphone (Required) – This is a multi-function device to make money online. The device’s camera should have high-definition or high-resolution for quality video purposes.
Digital Camera – it can be used for a quality video so that you will never shy of your video resolution.

Start your campaign!

By using your social network accounts particularly to Facebook, begin wherever you would start either creating a Facebook page or something else that would suit your comfortability. It is better when you have existing Facebook pages that earned a bunch of likes. Deh Gel Post have posted some tips on “New Social Media Advocacy 2019.” You don’t just have to pick up and get the idea from that post but it is better if you can create anew. As discussed, Youtube is perfect area to solve problem with money.

Spamming on Facebook doesn’t promote your campaign. You should be able to write a creative content that the community can react. For instance, posting funny videos makes everybody laugh. In that way, you got the center of social contact.

Everybody has different idea to make a viral theme over social media. One can make people smile and joy while other can make another sad and anger. It is about branding of emotion.

Next Topic, “Using the website to make money online”

You could also use your website to earn money online. Posting an original article or a story that is valuable to many persons, which are also a business. Everybody can do business when taking the advantages of technologies.

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