Everybody wants to feel important like an artista

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Everybody wants to feel important like an artist or celebrity. Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde ​from unsplash.com

Everybody wants to feel important like an artista

I work as an casher on a 50+ computer units cyber cafe ground floor in my hometown. One of our bosses takes care of reservations and he welcomes customers at the open-air entrance. My job also includes accompanying customers to their tables once my boss tells me where they have made their reservation.

My boss looks at his reservation logbook, where the name of the customer is and tells me where to take them. I show customers the staircase with a light smile and a soft-spoken please & thank you, then I precede them. The terrace staff sees me and I communicate to him the number of customers and the table’s, so that I’m allowed to lead them to their spaces.

Very Important Person or VIP(s)

People love to be taken care of. Some of them nod and smile at me right before I leave to go back downstairs, as a thank you note. Some others do not, keeping a frown or a self-contained expression. That’s fine too. Many people do lead an average nine-to-five life, so when they are on for a luxurious treat, they dive into the role head on.

People need to feel special. And you have to make them feel special. Going with a servant’s heart is enriching more for you than for the people you serve. Their experience is temporary, so they want to take the best out of that night and you are there to grant that wish.

In creativity and entrepreneurship, this is gold.
Your customers, readers, students, subscribers and so on… they love to be in for a great ride. They follow you because they know you can give them a lot. You can grant their wishes, solve their problems, create that product, improve their life. They know you can make them feel important.

A free short story, a mini-course, an eBook, a link to a Facebook group. You have many ways to enhance your followers’ experience and you also have the luxury to have them give you suggestions.


Servants are leaders

Your customers follow you because you are a landmark for them. They read what you write because they fell in love with your content once and they expect more and better. Every day. So your mission is to give your followers the best you have, to serve them in the measure they show you loyalty.

You are your followers’ leader and the connection you build with your audience suggests you the way to grow your business and enhance your creative process. The attention you reserve to your audience is paid back by an increasing following and a constant improvement of your productivity.

By going with a servant’s heart, I earned 50 more followers on Medium in the last two months. In entrepreneurship, consistent baby steps lead to giant results.



Give value to your customers and they will give back even more value to your work. Being a servant in entrepreneurship does not mean doing what others tell you to. It means creating what others need. At the best of your possibilities.

I’m Ivy Prito and right now, I’m working on a WFH mom called Work-From-Home mom. I published the eBook Day-job writers: keep the spark alive, a guide for bloggers still relying on demanding career and personal development for a living.

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