Mobile Library System

Mobile Library System

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  • August 11, 2019
Project Description

### FLEX Library Management System
This is a responsive & flexible library management system project from my recent job application coding scratch and I developed it in advanced at home. Hope you like it.
No yet perfect… Improve it..

Implemented with PHP, Bootstrap(Flat UI), Apache, HTML.

# Installations

First, instally the wamp or your favorite apache server. Here are the step below:
1. Place the “Flex-Library-App” entire folder at localhost directory.
example for Wamp: C:/www/wamp/your_folder_name or “Flex-Library-App”!
2. Goto PhpMyAdmin > Create Database as “Library2” then Click Import
3. Select “import database sql” folder, you will see library2.sql inside, import it.



Author Name: Jii Saaduddin
Author URL:
Download URL: mobile-library-system-master
File Type: .zip (6,606 KB)


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