The Story

Supermatech is a global firm based in the Philippines, which collaborates with you as your Service Partner despite working as a service provider.

With a perfect plan, right execution, and appropriate technology, we take your business towards a flourishing growth in the cut-throat market. We upscale your business with seasoned skills, inventive ideas, and expertise to deliver a product with precision.

JMD GROUP LIMITED has created Supermatech in 2015 and it was established the official website in 2018 as an Independent Web Services - Work-From-Home (WFH). In a short span of time, we have already added a few business partners to expand their market local and international. Since then, we have evolved into web design, marketing cloud, mobile application, and software development, aiming to provide more ways to secure business growth and to make businesses accessible to a global market.

Through our advanced software engineering capabilities and producing state-of-the-art web services, we guarantee solutions and more profit for you with maintaining supports!


The mission of Supermatech is to provide low cost effective, high benefits solutions to any size firm. This is accomplished by using the ‘Web and Beyond‘ services, which identifies, eliminates, and improves data quality, and enhances overall operation efficiency.

Understanding the detailed aspects of is critical to acquire efficiency and the desired results, in terms of providing quality services to our client’s and their sales.

(“Web and Beyond …”) services specializes in addressing the complete associated with an enterprise, whether it’d be a single company or a federation of companies involved in addressing business goals.


Our team bonding and close interaction transcend our potential to assist and improve our Clients.

Developers Team

Jii Saaduddin

Deh Saaduddin

Mar Saaduddin